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TSPI promote water conservation with Rainbird

As the winter months approach, landscape professionals may now have time to consider and prepare for upgrades or replacements to their sprinkler system in preparedness for next summer. Photo: TSPI Ltd.

TS Pumps and Irrigation discuss the Rainbird 5000 rotor system and why it consistently out-performs the competition, helps conserve water, and cut costs in a landscape irrigation system.



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11 October 2018

When we are designing a landscape irrigation system, the Rainbird 5000 series is the rotor family which features most prominently in many of our designs. With over 14 years of proven performance and reliability tested in thousands of installations in Ireland and the UK, and millions of installations worldwide, there can be no doubting the Rainbird 5000’s abilities. The rotors are ideal for residential, light commercial, and commercial applications.

Avoiding Water Loss

The primary advantage of this rotor is the ability to produce larger water droplets, across the 25′ to 50′ (7.6m to 15.2m) radius. Larger droplets account for superior wind resistance when compared to other manufacturers, and the uniform spray pattern can operate at precipitation rates of 0.20 to 1.01in/hr (5mm/h to 26mm/h). Unlike many competitors rotors, the Rainbird 5000 includes close-in watering around the rotor head, preventing dry spots and seed washout. This Rain CurtainTM Technology also prevents misting and airborne evaporation to ensure the right amount of water is always delivered to the right place. This in turn can save on unnecessary water loss.

Water Conservation

With water conservation becoming more and more important, the Rainbird 5000 series can be ordered with built-in pressure regulation. A common problem with less well engineered rotors is the poor rotor performance at higher water pressures. But with the optional Pressure Regulating Stem (PRS), pressure can be regulated to a maximum of 45psi regardless of inlet pressure. As a result, PRS can lower water bills, provide the exact flow of each rotor, equalize lateral lines, and eliminate misting and fogging.


Add to this the superior anti-leak technology – the Triple Blade Wiper Seal – designed to keep water in and debris out. This makes the 5000 series rotors the most leak resistant rotors on the market. Saving money per rotor across the system and saving your reputation too.

TS Pumps and Irrigation have used Rainbird rotors successfully for many years in commercial landscape and golf course irrigation projects. The majority of Rainbird rotors come with a 5 year warranty, giving you peace of mind.

Backward Compatibility

What if you already invested in the older Rainbird 5500 rotors? Happily, the 5000 series is a direct replacement of the 5500 series, meaning that those older rotor heads can easily be replaced with a superior technology at a small upgrade cost. So it is easy to add newer rotors to your existing system on a phased basis.

Extensive Product Range

Rainbird produces a range of other pop-up rotor heads with equally high quality engineering. So there is always a rotor suited to your budget and application.

By taking advantage of intelligent watering products, irrigation professionals can build in improved water efficiency and demonstrate a tendency toward sustainable water practices.

TSPI Ltd are proud to partner with Rainbird on the majority of our commercial landscape irrigation projects.

Be sure to check out TSPI Ltd’s range of irrigation products for your next project.

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