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Veon launches forest management scholarship

(L-R) Tom Kent of SETU; Robert Windle, SETU forestry graduate; Trevor McHugh of Veon; John Isaacs, SETU forestry student and Daragh Little of Veon (Photo by George Goulding SETU)

In association with SETU the new scholarship aims to provide students with valuable industry experience at the end of their studies



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23 January 2024

Veon has introduced the Veon Excellence in Forest Management Scholarship, in association with South East Technological University (SETU). 

This annual scholarship will be awarded to a third-year forestry under-graduate studying at SETU. This scholarship not only recognises academic achievement but also provides work experience within Veon.

The Veon Excellence in Forest Management Scholarship is awarded based on the merit of the student’s forest management plan, as submitted as a part of their studies. The forest management plan is the capstone project every forestry student completes to demonstrate their mastery of all aspects of sustainable forest management of a particular forest property.

Successful recipients will benefit from a scholarship package covering the academic fees of the one-year Level 8 BSc in land management in forestry. The scholarship aims to provide students valuable industry experience at the end of their studies which will underpin what they have learned from the undergraduate programme. 

Tom Kent, programme leader of BSc in forestry, SETU, said: “It is a vote of recognition and confidence in our students and the high level of academic excellence that our faculty in SETU provides for the Irish forest industry. We value the forest management plan as a challenging, integrated assessment of all the student has learnt. It is very welcome that our confidence in this assessment is matched by this industry recognition.”

Trevor McHugh, managing director of commercial, Veon, said: “A career in forestry offers an extraordinarily broad range of opportunities and Veon is committed to encouraging many more people start their journey in this sector. Forestry graduates can pursue careers in everything from sustainable forest management to advanced data analysis, utilising cutting edge technologies to deliver ever greater knowledge of what is happening in the world’s forests. Opportunities abound in research and development that will enable society to maximise the benefits of wood and timber based products, while managing forests for environmental and societal benefits. By launching this scholarship, it is our hope and intent that we will improve the accessibility of forestry as a career choice to future generations.”

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