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AgriBriefing and Alltech launch survey on women in food and agriculture

Survey to act as a barometer to track change over the last 12 months



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16 November 2020

Has Covid-19 acted as a catalyst for change in your business? Has it provided the reset moment your company needed to introduce more flexibility or even adapt to become more resilient?

A new international Women in Food and Agriculture survey from AgriBriefing will act as a barometer to track change over the last 12 months. The 2019 WFA survey revealed several barriers for women in agriculture but reflected an optimistic outlook. As 2020 ushered in unprecedented challenges for the industry, how has gender equality been impacted?

After a year like no other when home working has become the norm, the survey will assess how this has impacted on companies’ approach to flexible working and the potential impact on women’s careers going forward.

Recent studies have highlighted the positive impact of diversity and inclusivity on business performance, with a recent survey by McKinsey showing firms with a more diverse executive team and board are more likely to see better than average profits. This shows that the agri-food industry must act to understand the scale of inequality and for companies to boost diversity and inclusion to maximise results.

AgriBriefing’s group events director Elisabeth Mork-Eidem said: “The mission of Women in Food and Agriculture is to make a measurable positive impact on gender diversity across the global food and agricultural industry. This annual survey in partnership with Alltech plays a crucial role in tracking how the industry is doing in driving diversity and inclusivity.”

“In order to achieve a Planet of Plenty, it is more important than ever for the agri-food industry to perform at its full potential,” said Dr Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech. “Human ingenuity is our Earth’s most valuable resource, and a diverse workforce is essential to building a more sustainable future. We are excited to once again partner with AgriBriefing in supporting a more equitable environment for women.”

Available in six languages, the survey will also take a deep dive into sexism in the workplace, career progression, opportunities for young people and impacts on mental health.

Results will be announced in a full report in January 2021 with some preliminary findings presented at the Women in Food and Agriculture Digital Festival which runs from 8 to 9 December 2020.

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