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Coillte celebrates Tree Week 2016

During Tree Week 2016 Coillte donated 15,000 trees to community groups around Ireland


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29 March 2016

Coillte celebrated ESB Tree Week 2016 at the start of March with a series of nature walks and tree planting events which aimed to inspire people to experience the positive role that trees play in their lives.

In addition, Coillte donated 15,000 native Irish trees that werebe planted by community groups and schools, bringing thousands of people together to get their hands dirty, and add more green to neighbourhoods all around the country.

These native species trees were sourced from Coillte’s nurseries in Wicklow and distributed across the country via local authorities to community groups and schools. They include oak, roan and birch this year.

The fifteen thousand trees that were planted to mark Tree Week 2016 will, over time, enrich our urban and rural communities, help encourage more wildlife, and create a healthier environment for everyone. These trees are representative of the more than fifteen million trees that Coillte plant annually as part of a continuous cycle of replenishing Irish forests for commercial, recreational and environmental purposes.

Tree Week is an annual weeklong festival organised by the Tree Council of Ireland. It has been supported for over a quarter of a century by Coillte, who have donated in excess of 450,000 trees in support of the initiative.

ESB National Tree Week 2016 took place from Sunday, March 6th to Sunday March 13th.

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