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Discover CRF with ICL at BTME 2024

ICL at BTME 2024

ICL will host masterclasses exploring turf nutrition, soil analysis, wetting agent trials and technology



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20 December 2023

Located in hall 2, the ICL Stand (224) will serve as a hub of knowledge and advice for attendees, giving them a chance to network and enjoy a coffee.

At the stand, visitors can explore the benefits of controlled release fertilisers and obtain the latest ProSelect grass seed brochure, featuring improved mixtures designed for golf courses, sports fields, turf growers, and landscape contractors.

ICL has been a supporter of BIGGA’s continue to learn education programme and will be playing a significant role in the 2024 edition. Five green keepers will undertake the ICL continue to learn scholarship 2024, including three nights’ hotel accommodation and 15 hours of training within the programme.

ICL will host the following seminars:

Turf nutrition masterclass (Monday 22 January: 09.00 – 12.30)

ICL’s Henry Bechelet, Technical Manager UK and Ireland, and Dr Andy Owen, International Technical Manager, will update and upgrade your knowledge on how good nutrition can support healthy turf surfaces and significantly improve your golf course.

What’s in a soil analysis? (Monday 22 January: 13.00 – 17.00)

Dr Andy Owen & Henry Bechelet explore soil sampling, the interpretation of soil analysis results, and their practical application in annual golf course management.

The power of water: Wetting agent trials and technology (Thursday 24 January: 10.00 – 10.45)

This seminar will detail how golf course managers can utilise the latest wetting agent technology to unlock the power of water for turf management, to provide the best quality playing surface. It will illustrate key findings from the latest in-depth research trials at leading UK golf course venues and independent trial stations carried out by ICL.

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