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Greener packaging solutions from Sipcam Home & Garden

Ecofective refills range from Sipcam Home & Garden

All bottles in Ecofective range are made from 100%-recycled materials and are fully recyclable at end of life



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6 May 2021

Sipcam Home & Garden is now offering eco-friendly packaging solutions across its full Ecofective range. The move will help eco-conscious gardeners make better choices regarding the products they use by embracing safer chemical alternatives and reducing waste.

An expert in pioneering biotechnology, Sipcam created its Ecofective brand to provide environmentally sensitive garden care products that, not only provide effective solutions to common gardening problems, but do so without negatively impacting the environment. Sipcam Home & Garden has now taken that commitment one step further with new ‘greener’ packaging across its entire Ecofective range of garden care products.

All bottles are made from 100%-recycled materials and are fully recyclable at end of life. To help reduce plastic waste even further, Ecofective now offers a selection of refill options to fill large ready-to-use bottles. A brand-new concept to the range, the 200ml refills contain a concentrated formula that, when mixed with water, can be used to create a new ready-to-use product in an existing Ecofective bottle. This means gardeners can continue using their larger bottle and simply recycle the smaller refill, which is better news for the planet.

What’s more, the refill bottles occupy a smaller footprint on shelf, freeing up more space for retailers.  Refills are currently available for Ecofective‘s Bug & Mildew Control, Bug Control, Plant Disease Defence, Rose Defender, Slug Defence Spray, and Organic Pour & Feed.

“Our latest market research has shown that consumers want to create a thriving garden that is kinder to the planet, whilst keeping their loved ones and animals from harm,” said Nigel Thompson, head of sales at Sipcam Home & Garden. “To meet this demand, we have developed a range of products that create a safer environment for children, pets and wildlife; meaning everyone can roam free and enjoy the outdoor space. What’s more, our new packaging solutions add an additional ‘reason to buy’ at the point of purchase and help consumers to engage with a brand which takes environmental protection incredibly seriously.”

New additions to the range in 2021 are: Plant Disease Defence, Slug Defence Plant Spray, Anti-Bacterial Multi-Purpose Outdoor Sanitiser, Natural Path, Patio & Decking Cleaner Concentrate, Houseplant Pour & Feed, and Houseplant Bug Control.

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