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New products from NAD

Both products are glyphosate-free with Katoun Gold being a natural product produced from plant origin. Photo: Markus Spiske.

Katoun Gold and Valdor Flex are two new products now available from National Agrochemical Distributors (NAD) for the 2020 season. 



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29 August 2019

Katoun Gold and Valdor Flex are two new products now available from National Agrochemical Distributors (NAD) Ltd for the 2020 season. Katoun Gold and Valdor Flex have already established a name for themselves amongst the landscape and amenity sectors.

Katoun Gold – New, glyphosate-free total herbicide

New, non-selective, glyphosate-free contact herbicide for use on amenity vegetation. A very pure, natural product produced from plant origin, containing pelargonic acid.

How does Katoun Gold work?

Pelargonic acid is found in plants and naturally dries out weeds. Destruction of the cuticle takes place, damaging the cell membrane and causing dehydration within hours.

  • Natural origin.
  • Fast results – effects visible within two hours.
  • Easy to apply – can be used on amenity vegetation, natural surfaces, and gravel pathways.
  • Registered dose rate: 22.5 litres/hectare.
  • Low water rate per hectare of 225 litres.
  • Good coverage per pack – high concentration.
  • Tank mixable with Chikara to provide long term residual weed control.
  • Four applications per year.

Where to use Katoun Gold

This weed killer has great flexibility of use and can be applied in a variety of situations including:

  • Amenity vegetation (bare soil around trees and woody shrubs).
  • Natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation.
  • Permeable surfaces overlying soil including gravel pathways.
  • Forest nursery and hardy ornamental plant production.

Knapsack compatibility

Katoun Gold can be also applied by knapsack sprayer. The product should be applied as a 10% solution in 225 litres per hectare of spray. For a 10 litre sprayer, add four litres of water to tank; measure one litre of Katoun Gold and add to tank, shake well/agitate; add the additional five litres of water and shake/agitate. Use a full cone nozzle to get even application on all sides of foliage.

Valdor Flex – New, glyphosate-free residual herbicide

Valdor Flex is a residual, pre-emergent herbicide that controls a broad spectrum of weeds. When applied prior to germination, depending on the weed species to be controlled, Valdor Flex keeps the soil weed-free for up to four months.

The product is a combination of two active ingredients, Iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium and Diflufenican (DFF), in convenient pack sizes. These active ingredients complement each other and improve the result compared to being applied individually.

  • A total, residual, pre-emergent herbicide.
  • Combines new and trusted active ingredients Iodosulfuron and DFF.
  • The two active ingredients have a complementary effect for greater weed control.
  • Residual effect for up to four months.
  • Great tool for resistance management.
  • Convenient 500g (one hectare) and 10g (200 metres squared) pack sizes.
  • Can be mixed with glyphosate or fatty acids for post-emergent control.

For more information on these products contact NAD.

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