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What TS Pumps and Irrigation can do for you

TS Pumps and Irrigation design, deliver, and install irrigation systems all over Ireland.

TS Pumps and Irrigation provide irrigation systems for a wide range of needs across the sportsturf, horticulture, and landscape sector. Check out their systems offering below.


Sports & Parks

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27 September 2018

TS Pumps and Irrigation (TSPI) are specialists in the field of design and installation of bespoke irrigation systems in Ireland; using their years of experience to advise clients on the best solution for their unique needs.

TSPI have experience delivering all types of system; from commercial watering systems for golfing and sporting venues, to horticultural irrigation and residential systems. TSPI design, deliver, and install irrigation systems all over Ireland.

Golf Courses

TSPI staff are highly experienced in all aspects of design and installation of golf course irrigation systems; installing quality pumps and sprinklers from the leading manufacturers to deliver only the best irrigation system for your golf course.

Learn more about TSPI’s golf course irrigation systems here.

Sports and Leisure

Not only Golf courses, but playing pitches for all kinds of sports benefit from professionally designed and installed irrigation systems. TSPI consult with clients to deliver the correct system for them – whether it’s an automatic pop-up system or large or medium travelling sprinkler units.

Learn more about TSPI’s sports and leisure irrigation systems here.


TSPI provide irrigation systems for indoor and outdoor horse jumping arenas, racetracks, and gallops. TSPI advise on the most appropriate solution for each application, how to minimise encroachment within the arena, and how to avoid foot hazards in the track and gallop areas.

Learn more about TSPI’s arena irrigation systems here.

Fountains and Aerators

In addition to irrigation systems, TSPI design and install fountain and aerator systems for bodies of water in golf courses, parkland, or leisure applications. Keeping water aerated is vital in ensuring a healthy ecosystem and preventing stagnation.

Learn more about TSPI’s fountain and aerator systems here.

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