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The Real Soil Company appoints new business development manager

(L-R) Simon Hedley and James Romaine, The Real Soil Company

Before joining The Real Soil Company, James Romaine accumulated over 30 years’ experience within the horticultural industry



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2 December 2021

Following the successful launch of The Real Soil Company and its benchmark-setting SuperSoil organic topsoil, the company appointed James Romaine as its first business development manager.

Despite having only launched to the garden retail sector in early 2021, The Real Soil Company has carved out a niche for itself within this thriving retail space. The success of the brand lies in the supreme quality of its SuperSoil product, which has helped to plug a gap at the top end of the market, whilst also directly responding to consumer demand for more environmentally conscious products.

The appointment of Romaine will look to further develop this growth opportunity and will provide garden centres with a dedicated direct contact for their ongoing SuperSoil needs.

I’m really excited and enthusiastic to be part of The Real Soil Company’s ongoing journey,” said Romaine. “It’s a strong brand with great potential, and more importantly, is eco-friendly which we know is of the utmost importance to both retailers and consumers. I’m looking forward to getting on the road to meet with new and existing customers, and to be able to demonstrate to them the SuperSoil difference.”

Before joining The Real Soil Company Romaine accumulated over 30 years’ experience within the horticultural industry including previous roles within Vitax, VapoGro Substrates, and at The Real Soil Company’s parent company, Boughton Loam, as a sales representative.

The Real Soil Company has set out to create a standout brand; one that competes within a highly saturated marketplace. Featuring bright colours and hand drawn illustrations, SuperSoil’s packaging is informative, friendly, and inspirational, helping to draw the consumers eye and assisting them in making better, more educated purchasing decisions at the point of sale.

Its organic topsoil, SuperSoil, has been specially enhanced using ethically sourced, 100% traceable natural components to create a new chapter for topsoil quality and customer loyalty, plugging the gap at the higher end of the market where products have, until now, lacked real substance and quality.

SuperSoil’s natural components are added to enrich and enhance the soil provide quicker plant establishment, better resilience against pests and disease, whilst also enabling edible crops to benefit from nutritional enhancement and a higher crop yield. Additionally, the enhanced soil also offers better water retention and release for optimum plant growth, while also providing a more balanced and workable material for gardeners.

The Real Soil Company’s new business development manager, James Romaine can be contacted via or by calling 07825 070579.

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